Impending: Adventure to Wellington


We signed ourselves up for what seems like a crazy adventure. Jack and Benson are enrolled in London Gray’s Winter Intensive program in Wellington Florida beginning in January and continuing through April first. We are moving three horses, an English Lab, four cats, and a beta fish to join Craig, Jack Kira and I on this adventure. We just couldn’t figure how to leave anyone behind.

So this Saturday Jack and I will begin hauling Benson and Rudy on a three day trip to Wellington Florida. Kira’s pony Princess Buttercup will go with a commercial shipper, because our trailer is too small for her! We’ve rented a town home for the season and anticipate a fun time of learning while we get to know the Wellington Equestrian season for the first time. Craig, Kira, Jordan and Kevin will not be far behind us. We will be able to spend Christmas together as a family with Donny and Kelli before they move to Baltimore. Jack will continue to homeschool from Florida and Kira has been enrolled into a small private school in Florida for the season. It has taken us six months to arrange these details to make this move.

I plan to share our experiences on this blog and hopefully it will be fun for you to join us. I confess some serious nerves about this transition. Horses are delicate creatures and this is a big change and a long distance transport for them. It’s my first time hauling this far so I’m saying some “blood sweat and tear” prayers as we prepare to go.

We want to support Jack in his talent with dressage and take this once in a life time opportunity while he is sixteen years old and still home with us to do something fun together as a family. Wellington, Florida is the equestrian capital of the world during January, February and March. We are going to take in as much as we can. So here we go…


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